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Apply Now! is more than another mortgage broker service. Our mortgage brokers are highly experienced mortgage and insurance advisors, seeking suitable solutions for you, the client. Correct mortgage solutions backed by the best loan products available, are put in place, once we have got to know what you want to achieve.

With clients from all around the world, Mortgagehelp utilises a network of business partners. Our approach is of a caring, nurturing nature, backed by sophisticated systems. A long term relationship with you is Mortgagehelp's objective, not only by being the best we possibly can but adding that little bit of extra advice, taking a little more time and above all protecting your interests at all times.

You will note you find real people on our site not just contact phone numbers and box numbers.  You  know who you'll be dealing with.

All types of mortgages for all types of people! covers the full range of mortgage loans from first home buyer, to residential investments and commercial investment . We also offer a full life insurance service in these areas. Mortgages, Insurances and Lifestyle Planning go together so we cover the lot.

'Helping Everyday People, Everyday'

Having been in the business a long time, we have developed programmes to help clients better. 


Allistar Walker writes a financial column for Auckland Community Newspapers.

Get FREE mortgage or insurance advice online (or on phone) provides a fantastic insight into the mortgage and insurance industries.

Get a Preapproved Mortgage from Mortgagehelp now!

Allow yourself the freedom to shop around with a Mortgagehelp pre-approval. You know exactly how much you can go to.  Approvals from different lenders can vary widely in both the amounts they approve and the conditions that apply. We'll search the market for you to ensure you are not disadvantaged. Just go to the questionnaire and a Mortgage Broker will contact you with an appraisal. Response times will be fast during business hours.



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