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Published Newspaper Articles

Allistar Walker writes a financial column for Auckland Community Newspapers. Please click on the following to open a PDF of the article

Getting Creative With Business Finance
Business Financing
Checklist for Business Insurance
Franchising or Financing
Business Finance - Revolving Credits
Know Your Business Risks
Obtaining A Business Loan
Commercial Real Estate Investment

Do Banks Make Mistakes With Your Mortgage
Estate Planning & Wills
Making Your Real Estate Agent Work For You
Times Are A'Changing
Global Credit Crunch and You
Loosen The Impact Of A Interest Rate Rise
Is Your Ship Sinking?
Thinking About Property Investment
Steps To A Secure Future
Danger At Mortgagee Auctions
Property Investment Looking Good
Selling Your Home
From Crisis to Croesus
Olympic Success is Not Easy and Neither Is Financial Freedom
Beware of Sales Sharks
Presenting Our Biggest Asset For Sale
Residential Investment - What To Look For
Woe Are The Financial Markets
Buying Homes At Auction
What Is Your Money Personality?
The Economic Cycle
To Borrow Or To Save
Wealth Creation
Honour, Dishonour, Umbrellas And An OCR
The Financial Maelstromof - Separation or Divorce/a>
Mortgage and Insurance Advisors Facing Regulation
How Good Is Your Future Plan
Can We Keep Money In Our Pockets

Don't Go Overseas Without It
Are You Risking Your Business?
Rainy Day Insurance
Why Bother Insuring Your Assets
What Sort Of Insurance
Will Tax Changes Increase Insurance Costs

Should We Think About Kiwisaver Now

Mortgage and Borrowing
A Cooler Wind Is Blowing
Oh Dear Interest Rates Are Rising
What's A Home Worth
How To Save Thousands On Your Mortgage
Can You Trust The Mortgage Advice You Are Given?
Friends and Lovers
Mortgage Money Harder To Get
Loosen The Impact Of A Interest Rate Rise
10 Top Tips
Preapproval Finance & Signing S&P Document
Plastic Fantastic
Your Home, Your Mortgage
The 8 Deadly Mistakes When Applying For A Mortgage
Mortgage Difficult To Pay
Should I Fix Or Float?
Mortgage Rate Watch
Choosing the Right Mortgage Advice
Is Refinancing An Option?
Ox Your Mortgage
Mortgagee Sales On Increase
Is Going To A Mortgage Broker Beneficial?
Destroy Your Debt
Credit Checks, How's Yours?
What Is A Mortgage?
The Volatile Mortgage Market
Mortgage Advice Is Important Advice
Secrets of a Successful Property Investing
Are You Money Attractant?
Beware Guaranteeing The Kids
Equity Release Or Equity Eater
So How Do You Pay Off A Loan Fast?
Tidy Finances = Happy Household



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