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Effective Insurance
Online Life Insurance with 10% Discount

How much life insurance do I need?
No fuss online instant life insurance cover.
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"We can arrange all your insurance requirements. Furthermore, with Life related insurances we guarantee that our insurance premiums are better priced than the Bank. Our knowledge and ability to assist you with these requirements is also extensive, because we have cultivated links into many insurance providers You can choose who you insure with.

We all hate paying for insurance. I do, and if you're like me, you do. That makes us sensitive to your ongoing needs, by selecting the most cost effective insurance products using a range of different insurance companies. Combined with our years of insurance experience, you get a better all round service.

Calculate for yourself how much Life Insurance you need.

Our calculator will help you work out how much life insurance you need. Use it first for yourself, then for your partner if you have one.

What debts and expenses would your dependants
face after your death?

Funeral costs ($)

$5000 is a likely average

Mortgage ($)

The total you owe.

Hire Purchase ($)

The total you owe.

Credit cards ($)

The total you owe.

Other ($)

eg. Other loans

What cash would your dependants have access to if you died?

eg: Investments, Government benefits- to be safe, you may wish to assume zero.

What ongoing income would your dependants
require after your death?

What annual income would they require for living costs?

Before tax.

How many years will this income be needed?

Number of years.

Interest rate (% pa)

The income will be drawn from a lump sum which is invested. We assume a conservative return on this lump sum of 4%, but you can change this figure if you wish.

What other ongoing income would your dependants earn or receive? (annual, before tax).

eg. Salary or wage, investment income, Government benefits - to be safe, you may wish to assume zero.


Total amount you should insure your life for:

*Remember that both partners in a relationship will each need to complete the calculator.

Often You Need More (A Comprehensive Insurance Plan)

Mortgagehelp believes in providing you with all the options. That is why offers a full Future Planning Service. Those that have used it find it great. This encompasses full mortgage, insurance, savings, trust, wills & other lifestyle recommendations based on your budget and future goals.

"I never realised how important it was to adopt a comprehensive approach to my goals. Mortgagehelp's recommendations have given me clarity of purpose and saved me from making a lot of costly mistakes.

For a Firm Quote click below and ask about special offers.



I want to understand the different insurances

Fill out the form below or a comprehensive description to be emailed to you. Ask any questions you may have as everyone's circumstances can be different.



Contact Number:


Life Insurance                        
Income Insurance                  
Trauma Insurance                  
Health Insurance                   
House Insurance                   
Contents Insurance               

Any specific questions?                                      


Income Protection (Living Assurance)

Insurance Companies offer all kinds of confusing extras attached to their policies. Avoid unnecessary expense and consider these points:

1.      Waiting (Qualifying) Period. How long can you wait before receiving benefits (wait periods go from 30 days to 12 months). Lower premiums can be achieved by accepting a longer waiting period.

2.      Definitions and Coverage. Look for exclusions. In New Zealand we also have ACC, which does not cover you for sickness. Statistically you have a 3:1 chance of being off work for a period due to sickness rather than accident. Not all policies are the same and we only provide policies that cover you when you cannot perform your current regular work, so you are not forced to do lower-paid unskilled work.

3.      Shop around and compare quotes. Effectively we do this for you because we have access to many insurance companies.



Trauma (Critical Illness) Insurance

1.      Duplicate Coverage. If you already have health insurance, income insurance and life insurance, consider how much you really need, e.g. If you had a heart attack and had all the other insurances do you need this as well.

2.      Review Conditions. What illnesses are covered? Claims experience suggests the cause of claims to be about two-thirds from cancer and one-quarter from stroke, heart attack or coronary bypass.

3.      Be careful of additional benefits. These may be just another way the insurance companies can screw extra out of you.

4.      Shop Around. That is just what we do for you.



Health Insurance

Main goal here is to help you pay for a major medical problem. Forget covering ordinary doctors visits. These type of policies end up costing you way too much long term. Check:

1.      Are your children insured?

2.      Is specialist insurance cover included? Do you need it?

3.      A higher excess will save you dollars.

4.      Does your work place have a group plan? This will be cheaper.


Online Health Insurance Quote - 10% Discount

Enter your details below to get a personal quote sent to you.

My/Our Details
Who is the quote for?     Me    Both my partner & I  

Your Name(s):

Contact Number(s):

What is your current age?:        What is your partners current age?

Please specify your gender:       Please specify your partners gender:
Female                  Male Female

Are you a smoker?                    Is your partner a smoker?
Yes No                         Yes No

Product Options

Life Insurance:                     Life Insurance for my partner:  
Cover Amount:   Cover Amount:    
          (Work out how much cover you need by clicking here)

Health Insurance:                 Health Insurance for my partner:
Children under 21 to cover?    Children under 21 to cover? 

Other Insurances I/we need to look at

Life Insurance                        
Mortgage Protection               

Income Protection                  

Critical Illness                        


Special Offer: If you do your mortgage through us, we not only guarantee the most cost effective life insurances BUT we will give you your first months' premium free. This offer does not apply to Pinnacle Life Insurances at present.


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