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Financing a Purchase

If you have owned a home before then you have a good basic knowledge of the intricacies involved in buying a house. The basics have remained the same but there have been a lot of recent changes to the processes so please take the time to re-educate yourself. Below are a few tips to help you along the way to buying your next home. You can also email us for a free Buyer's Check List. (Enter your name and phone number to receive a free Buyer's Check List).

·        Join the Mortgagehelp Information Service. Not only will you learn a lot by reading the questions and answers form people like you, but you can ask as many questions as you want anonymously, maybe you have a story you would like too tell, OR just sign up & register to receive the latest email newsletters (Free to visitors of this site, by entering your name, and phone number)

·        Get a pre-approved mortgage. This will help you determine how much of a mortgage you qualify for and will allow you to explore different financing options that will help you save money on your new purchase. Issues to discuss at this point could be penalties to get out of an existing mortgage, refinancing a fresh mortgage, current mortgage rates and minimization of fees. You can do all of this through us.

·        Find a good lawyer(not an oxymoron!). Often a lender may contribute to legal expenses.  Email us (Enter your name, and phone number, and also the situation that you need a lawyer for) to receive a list of recommended lawyers in your area.

·        Find A Good Real Estate Agent. You may need to deal with an agent for the sale of your existing home and the purchase of your new home so make sure you choose someone you can work with. Email us for recommended agents. Specify your name, phone number, what type of property that you are looking for, rough price range, and any language preferences.

·        If you are buying a resale home you may wish to have a home inspection completed! For a few hundred dollars a home inspector will view the home with you and point out any shortcomings of the house.

·        If you are buying a new home from a builder ALWAYS have your lawyer review the Contract before you sign on the dotted line. Most lenders will require a 'fixed price' contract.

·        Consult a mortgage broker about your financing needs! A good broker will save you money and help you avoid the headaches involved in dealing with your bank.  They will also do all the leg work, liaising with various parties to 'make it happen'.

If you follow some of these basic tips you are bound to enjoy your new home! Good luck! Our help-line has a useful Buyers Check List covering important points in buying. Email us for your free copy. (Don't forget to include your name, and phone number.)

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