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Property Investment – Is it for You?

First Time Property Investors –  We first of all do an analysis with you looking at the Pro’s and Con’s, your investment attitudes to see if this is right for you.

We believe property investment or development is a great way to set yourself up for early retirement and be able to live comfortably off your investments.  BUT it must be done right, with the right objectives, the right costings and the necessary vision knowing that there can be pitfalls.

Multi-property Investors.  IFL Associates will help you with structures, interest terms, bank splits and forward projecting.  We can also arrange for experienced property tax specialists and legal specialists if you already don’t have this advice.

The Right Type of Property to invest in is paramount as is obtaining the right type of tenant, whether it be residential or commercial.  We can help, but note that we don’t sell properties or recommend particular developers.

Property vs Shares (or Managed Funds – like KiwiSaver).  This is an old hardy and can depend on your own knowledge or particular ‘bent’.  We have a profiler to help you with these decisions.


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