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The mortgage market is very competitive right now. All the major banks and trust companies are clamouring to get new mortgage business and to maintain their existing business. It is truly a consumers market for mortgages!

The banks posted interest rates are only the starting point for your  mortgage renewal negotiations. Interest rate discounts are not unheard of in this market. Renewal fees are VERY negotiable and should not be paid unless you have exhausted all other possibilities.

So where do you start? You must become an informed consumer.

You have no negotiating power unless you know if what you are being offered is a good deal or not. This takes some time and effort on your part but it can save you several thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage.

What are your best options?  What do the economists say?  How do we see the market?  Who has the best deals now?  Should I refix or float?  Would it pay me to shift my business?  Can I structure my loan better?  Can I really pay off a 25 year mortgage in 2 years? 

Let us get you the best mortgage right from the start. We won't waste your time and we'll get you the best possible rate right from the start. Best of all, the lender will pay for our services so there is no cost to you.

Sound too good to be true? Check out the testimonials from our many satisfied clients.

When you are ready to proceed just let us know!




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