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SmartChoice - Own your own business?

It's a great time to be the boss! Not only do you get to call the shots but you get to minimize your taxable income by writing off allowable expenses.

It's a great scenario until you try to borrow some money from the banks!

The banks will ask to look at your financial statements and personal tax returns for the last two or three years. They will quickly look at your net taxable income and average that income over a couple of years. If you are like most small business owners your net taxable income is very small and the bank tells you that you don't qualify. Sound familiar?

Fortunately there are alternatives. There are lenders out there who recognize that most small business owners are hard working and dependable people. There are some institutional lenders that will lend you up to 90% of the value of your home as long as you can demonstrate a good credit history.

If you have some credit glitches, there are options open to you up to 80% of house value.

Our Fast Doc service will make it happen even quicker.

Bottom line is that there are options available to you!

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