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Testimonials for members of IFL Associates Limited and Limited.

At we are constantly working to provide more value for New Zealanders.  We need your support.  If you have benefited from this site, or the discussion group, please take a few seconds to add a short testimonial to this page.  Your input will help maintain and improve this service.

We appreciate your support!

Please take the time to review some of the testimonials from several satisfied New Zealanders.


Thanks so much Allistar, you helped make the house-buying process smooth and were/are always willing to explain or offer advice when asked for, which I appreciated hugely. - Linda

"Allistar, Many thanks, that was fast work.  This gives me a much better idea of what I can expect.  I shall continue the house hunt and we will be in touch.  I have given a friend your contact details." - Sally

"A thousand and one thank you's'. We are thrilled with the change over, your expertise and thoroughness ensured it went through hassle free.  If it wasn't for your news letters would probably have stayed with United until the fixed rate was up for renewal again.  So thank you for enabling us to get on track and repay quicker." - Linda and Jim

"I have dealt with Allistar Walker for many years and have found him responsive and capable of making many deals work.”  - Maureen Murphy-Boyd

"Allistar, Thanks so much for everything that you did in regard to ensuring the girls and I kept our house.  Your thoroughness and thoughtfulness was very much appreciated and will not be forgotten” - Donna

"Allistar, thank you so much for all your effort in getting my funding for a venture I have wanted to do for a long time, also for the pack and your "Thank You” card.  I too hope it is all successful and will definitely recommend your services to people needing mortgage help"  - Tina

"Your efficiency in processing our loan has been awesome and we both really appreciate your ability to streamline our purchase. Thanks Allistar” – John & Annie Meeks

"The folder that your company provided me with, has helped me organise my financial affairs, given me great tips, and enables me to keep all my finance, insurance and investment info in one place. Thanks again - a great idea." - Francis Vederfeld

I enjoyed reading your article in the courier newspaper today. I am a 57 year old real estate sales person of over 12 years experience and father of three. I believe one of the most important things we can pass onto our children is financial skills. My father who past away many years ago gave me as a know it all 19 year old two valuable pieces of advice. "Son if you can't afford to pay cash for it you can't afford to buy it” excepting a house of course. And " Son live within your means”. I was a bit of a slow learner and got burnt twice buying motorbikes under HP. but learned a valuable lesson at an early age that has kept me in good stead over the years. During my time in real estate I have seen the bubble burst several times and you don't want to be overly exposed.  High returns generally equate to high risk and I have difficulty seeing passed bricks and mortar in the right location and no shared driveways as a good long term investment. Mary Holm a financial writer in the Herald who doesn't seem to like real estate much has some good advice " get rich slowly” As you say in your article we seem to take little heed of history and keep repeating the same mistakes. I wish simple budgeting skills were learnt at school as younger people I encounter these days seem to have little financial nous and want everything now without working hard and saving for it. Greed is alive and well. We also need to be content and happy with what we have rather than always wanting the latest, biggest, brightest new fad. I am not a great fan of 100% finance on a house as its too easy without having done the hard yards. We are now seeming owners with negative equity and the subsequent mortgagee sales when times get tough. I hope plenty of people read your article and that professional advisers like yourself focus on giving good sound financial advice  as there are others out there out of self interest who will promote the latest financial product that gives the adviser the best commission rather than what's best for the purchaser/investor. - Doug



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